Sew With SHINE.


My name is Deja. A creative out of Los Angeles, California.
Welcome to Sew With Shine.


I started to create around 9 years old.
Writing, sewing, crafting was my escape. I never would have imagined how this creativity would change my life forever. When I create I feel free, I express my inner feelings, and it truly is the best therapy I have ever had. Being a creative, connecting with other creatives is one of the greatest gifts and so I was inspired to start:

Sew With Shine.


This blog will be dedicated to the fabric loving, project sewing, crafty beings who want to SHINE! I will be sharing sewing tutorials, D.I.Y. how to’s, business tips and tricks, creative heart to hearts, and featuring some fellow amazing creators who bring the world around us a little bit more sunSHINE.

I started sewing at the age of 12 and have always been one to gravitate towards colors, glue, glitter, fabric, and all things creative. If you are a glue gun wielding, picture snapping, fabric hoarding, scissor happy, writer space zenning CREATIVE this blog was created just for you.

As a creative I often feel we need spaces for us, spaces where others get it. 7 years in business has taught me alot about creating, learning my true self through creating, and being able to create for living successfully. Here we will create together, learn together, share, and I will be showing you some amazing techniques and tricks I have learned so far on my journey.

Welcome to Sew With SHINE.

I cannot wait to create with YOU!

Be sure to check older tutorials and videos from our archives HERE.


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