The Creative Life.

Ray of SHINE #1


“Being creative allows you to turn every can’t into your CAN.”


As creatives there are things that stifle our ability to create freely in our every day lives. The demand of financial responsibilities, parenthood, school work, and just being tired can take us away from the thing that brings us the most joy. BEING our CREATIVE selves!

Here are some tips that I have found that help to push past the roadblocks for all of us out there that rather write then speak, sew than buy, and DIY our hearts to pieces and want to make a living doing so.


“You should create this…”

“Make this for me…”

“Why can’t you create something this way…”

“I don’t think you can make that work…”

“So you sew on the side, right?”

All of the outward projections of what is possible, what can happen, what being creative is can unravel your focus. Those doubts and demands can take you away from your true creative self and push you away from the thing you love the most, MAKING THINGS.
There will be 101 opinions about what you choose to do, how you choose to do it, and people often turn their face up at the idea of creating for a living. IGNORE IT.

Thoughts are nothing unless you breathe life into them, so see the noise and choose to give no room for it to manifest in your life. WRITE THAT BOOK, SING THAT SONG, CREATE and do so boldly.


Fear is something that comes into our lives for a reason, it saves us from doing things like cutting a steak too quickly, running down a steep hill, or speeding in the rain. Fear is a biological response to help us discern how to stay safe so accept it. BUT never EVER let it control your decision making! You are in charge of how you create, when you create, and if you will allow fear to control your creativity it will indeed be muffled out and never grow to it’s true potential. CREATE and do so without caution!
3. Surround yourself with like minded CREATIVES. 

Toxic people with poking and prodding questions and doubts choke the life out of creative minded folks. Surround yourself with people who get it. Who create content because they love it, who are passionate about color schemes and serger cones, pretty paper and glitter, exposures and manual camera settings. When you surround yourself in light and love with people who get the way you work, the creative stone walls, the erratic creative sessions, the geek worthy ah haaa moments, your ability to create flourishes and your inhibitions waver. You feel apart of something bigger than your creative outlet, you realize there are people out there just like YOU. All else in turn fades to the background and allows you to CREATE without doubt.

4. Lastly you beautiful soul, REST. 

Self care is the biggest part of creating without limitations. Creatives have the tendency to get bogged down by the ends and outs of every day life. Rest, relaxation, and small indulgences for us can be just the remedy for a tired soul. Meditation, walks, Netflix binge sessions, our favorite snack, online window shopping, actual retail therapy or a mani/pedi can be just the release we need to once again create.

Remember creative work is connected to the soul and refilling ourselves is so VERY important. I hope these tips help you to feel your best you and give you freedom to SHINE through every thing you create.

With love, peace, and a LOT of SHINE. 



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