What is a Cloth Diaper?

Cloth Diaper? (Wrinkles face in confusion.)

Yeah I said it! CLOTH DIAPERS !!!

Cloth Diapers are a reusable diapering method that has taken over the interwebs with parents across the world. The waterproof outer, stay dry or natural fiber inner unit can be washed again and again after being used by babies from birth to completely potty trained. The first modern cloth diaper cover was developed in 1946… and throughout the decades cloth diapers have transformed in many ways.









The diaper technology has grown and so has the amount of cloth diapers types that are available to us.

The Cover (2017)
This method can be used with inserts, flats, fitted diapers, and yes you guessed it PREFOLDS (one of the first methods and preferred methods of cloth diapering)!


The All in One/All In Two Diaper (2017)


These two diaper types comprise a PUL outer, stay dry or natural fiber inner and a absorbent core. They usually are single use diapers and are extremely daddy/grandparent/daycare friendly . THE DIFFERENCE: All in ONE diapers are single use and 90% of the time everything is sewn into the diaper. All in TWO diapers are a diaper shell and a snap in insert and can be reused if the shell isn’t completely soiled.

The Pocket Diaper (2017)


The pocket diaper is one of the most used system of modern cloth diapering today. Pocket Diapers feature a Waterproof/ Water Resistant outer and a stay dry or natural fiber inner. The beauty of pocket diaper is they wash well and allow you to stuff the diaper with as much absorbency as needed. You can use a prefold, insert, flat, microfiber towel, bath towel, receiving blanket, etc.

The Hybrid Fitted (2017)
Diaper sewn by SHINE Cloth, Photo by SewFatty.com

hybrid-2 hybrid-1

The new kid on the block, hybrid fitted cloth diapers are the new wave of modern cloth diapers. Cotton knit outer, Fleece Core, and Cotton Velour outer with snap in inserts that range in absorbency amount from daytime to night time use. Hybrid fitted diapers are targeted to see a cute print, with great absorbency, absent of a cover.

Reusable diapers have taken on a fashion of their own this decade complete with organic fabrics, brightly colored designs, innovative construction, and alot of moms who simply sew diapers for their children. When I first purchased a cloth diaper for my son I looked at it 101 ways and said to myself, “I wonder if I can make this.”

After diving deep into the world of Kam Snaps, Elastic, Custom Fabric Groups and PUL I discovered that not only was crafting for my son a possibility but that it was so much fun. I was able to customize diapers for his age, his needs, his interests and mine too of course (because let’s be honest it’s our stash lol). I learned about the pros and cons of fabric choices, companies, and that homemade was a fun and creative way to build my stash. 7 years later I am going to show you just what I have learned, how to sew cloth diapers for your little one, where to buy, and how to design your dream stash. In the next few weeks I will be breaking down the basics of all you need to create your very own cloth diaper stash.

Jumping up and down?? EXCITED? Me TOO!!!

SHINE bright. See you next time.



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