5 DIY Blogs that undeniably SHINE.

Need to add a little bit more shine to your blog reading list?

Here are 5 beautiful bloggers that I follow. They all offer something different, from life design to hair care but uniquely SHINE on their various platforms.

  1. Life Management/Self Improvement


” I want to design my dream life.” 

These were the words I heard that told me I would be a Lavendaire follower for life. This positive powerhouse from Los Angeles is all about life design and achieving her dream life. After suffering a harsh bout of depression and anxiety after graduating from college (USC) she decided to take a chance and design a life that made her happy, take a chance to change for the better, and she succeeded. If you’re into minimalism, meditation, vision boarding, and be a positive and better version of yourself, this BLOG is for you.



2. Cutesy Crafts
All Things Nim

KID FRIENDLY ALERT!! Great blog for kids of all ages.

Kawaii lover? Crafty? Love DIY projects that are so cute and amazingly easy to make? Then All Things Nim is a place for you. The clear crisp videos paired with pop hits in the background and easy to follow DIY instructions make this a addictive blog to follow. It is colorful, it’s overloaded with cute, and will have you saying “MAKE ALL THE THINGS.”

3. Fashion and Home Decor
Raven Elyse TV


Hey there fashionista! 

If you love DIY clothing projects, distressing, adding flair, and your home is filled with DIY decor this blog is for you. Raven is a do it all blogger who revamps her wardrobe and home with items she makes her self. DIY clothing pieces, office makeovers, mommy and me costumes and so much more! PS… her 1 year old daughter Ziya makes watching her channel even more fun. She is sooooo CUTE!

4. Skin and Hair Care


Naptural85 is an oldie but goodie and she gives gold with every DIY video she uploads. Whitney is the natural hair goddess who shared how to make yummy blends of oils, butters, and creams that are amazing for your hair and nails. This type 4 naturalista scream Black Girl Magic and shares her natural hair journey and beautiful family with us on YouTube. If you need help with your hair, need a hair saving recipe, or a go to wash routine check out this blog!






5. For The Planner Girls
Belinda Selene


Do you love Washi Tape? Do sticker kits make you happy? Are you in 5 or more planner groups?  (PS I am guilty of the first 2 lol)

If so this blog has your name all over it. Belinda plans on camera with sticker kits, washi tape, the cutest pins, and makes planning a true work of art. Watching her transform the blank pages of the many different planners she shows in her videos can be slightly addictive but also amazing to watch. I love watching her ideas unfold and sitting back to admire her various uses of stickers, tape, and pens. If you are looking to plan and love all things custom to your taste check this blog out. It will get you excited for planning… Which in my opinion has changed my LIFE.

These lovelies are just some of the many amazing DIY bloggers/vloggers that I follow. I hope they make great additions to your list and inspire you to SHINE!!

Which blogs do you follow? I would love to hear from you.


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