Hey guys. Here you can find sewing tutorials and info videos I made when I first started sewing cloth diapers circa 2010/11.

They are packed with info and the tutorials show you where I started and I hope they can help you Sew With SHINE!


10 Things To Do Before You Sew.

What you need to sew a cloth diaper.

All about PUL . 


All about Fleece.


Reinforcing Snaps.


The Joann Fabric Guide to Sewing Cloth Diapers.


How to Sew an Insert.


How to Sew a Pocket Diaper Part 1


How to Sew a Pocket Diaper Part 2


How to Sew a Pocket AIO


How to Sew a Snap of Velcro AI2


How to make a doll diaper/ruffled elastic casing.